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Bradfield Consulting is a professional service firm created to provide human resource
solutions for organizations of any size.

We are Top Recruitment & Staffing Agency in Nigeria?

Bradfield Consulting offers various recruitment services based on your different needs. We would help to attract qualified and suitable hands from the job market via a seamless recruitment process. Your organization can also benefit from our highly developed and sophisticated research capability, which allows us to identify quickly the best talent in the marketplace for a specific set of defined core competencies. We have a good data base that cuts across different fields of profession and sectors. 

Partner with us to fulfill your distinct
recruitment requirements.


We’re dedicated to excellence in connecting the right talent with the right jobs. Our experienced HR recruiters bring deep expertise across various industries. We consistently deliver top-notch results for both candidates and clients.


Bradfield Consulting provides training programs for businesses or individuals on various HR-related topics like soft skills development, leadership training, or compliance issues.

Bradfield GiveBack

To empower the youths in readiness to be a subject of change. The initiative aims to connect willing volunteers to organizations that require their services.It is a social responsibility program where we give back to the community.

Bradfield Outsourcing

We offer outsourced HR solutions for businesses that lack a dedicated HR department. This could involve tasks like payroll processing, benefits administration, or employee relations.

Reference Check

A process that we use during a hiring process to confirm a candidate’s information and get a better understanding of their work ethic, skills, and fit for the role. It also entails verifying the details the candidates submit and ensuring authenticity.

Bradfield Facility

A facility center that provides exclusive meeting rooms for organizations.

Bradfield Consulting

Bradfield consulting is a professional service firm created to provide human resource solutions for organizations of any size.