The Importance of Workplace Culture

Workplace Culture, aka Organizational Culture is the term used to describe the characteristics that shape the working environment. Very similar to the unwritten rules at work, organizational culture is essentially a physical manifestation of the norms and values of an institution. It can be seen in almost everything from the way employees dress to the […]

Positively Shaping Employee Attitude

As HR professionals, part of our tasks is to reduce high costs and ensure employee retention that will benefit both the employer as well as the employee. Employee retention involves a simple process that boosts and improves employee performance within an organization to ensure they remain engaged productively as well as remain with the employer […]

Passion For Work: Love What You Do

Work as defined by English dictionary, is an activity directed toward making or doing something while passion is a strong feeling. Greatness without loving what you do is impossible. Why? This is because work is the womb of greatness. Nobody ever achieved greatness outside the realm of work – whatever that work is (whether it […]

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