Our Advantage

Bradfield is equipped not only to attract excellent personnel but to ensure that they are improved and empowered to deliver on every client’s strategic intent/organizational goal. Our value is to assist in getting rid of all inconvenience associated with recruitment; plus reducing unsuitable employees either via skill or culture. And more… all this would be done within concise turn-around time. Beyond this, we package and deliver quality trainings to help prune your employees to deliver efficiently.

Mission And Purpose Of Business

Our mission is founded on the principle that an organization’s most strategic asset is its people. Our mission is “To Assist Every Client in Equipping Its Self with Exceptional, Effective and Performing Employees”. The end result for every client would be towering performance and higher profits.

Business Philosophy

Our goal is a business partnership that works. We will work to understand your business, mission and goals and produce results that meet your goals and at the right budget. Regardless of the size or scope of the project, our focus is on adding value to your organization.

Our Values

  • Expertise - We have the right skills and qualified resources to attend to your every need.
  • Initiative - We would look beyond the obvious and address issues that are most critical to you all the time
  • Integrity - Rest Assured, We deliver on what we promise, at every time.
  • Good Service - Our service is not business as usual, we always add the extra value to all customers.
  • Good Customer Relationship - We would go the extra mile and give each customer a personal BFC touch during business transactions.

Our Team

Our consultants are recruited with significant human resources, business or consulting careers prior to working with our firm. Our consultants are well prepared to understand, first-hand, the issues that confront our clients businesses seeking to operate in the global economy.

These consultants are passionate about assuring that employees make a positive impact that exceeds our clients’ expectations. We follow up with hired candidates and clients at regular intervals to check on performance and fit. This continuing bond with candidates and clients is one of the reasons that more than two-thirds of our assignments are repeat engagements for existing clients.